Koleksi Foto Aulia Sarah (Aulia Sarah Exotic Faces)

Aulia Sarah (born in Jakarta, July 6, 1991) is an Indonesian model and actress.

Aulia Sarah started entertainment her career as a finalist of GADIS Sampul (a model competition of GADIS magazine) in 2005. This Sundanese-Javanese mixed girl then sole her acting career through some minor roles in several movies as Kawin Kontrak (2008) and Drop Out (2008).

At the end of 2009 Aulia Sarah got her first role as main actress in film Punk In Love. She played as Almira, a punker girl who has friendship with 3 punker boys Mojo, Yoji, dan Arok (played by Yogi Finanda, Andhika Pratama and Vinno.G. Bastian). In 2010 Aulia played in movie Susah Jaga Keperawanan di Jakarta (2010).

Aulia Sarah also starred several TV series such as Amira, Terlanjur Cinta, and Pesantren & Rock 'n Roll.

Aulia Sarah Exotic Faces :